Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many ways to imrpove your smile, make it brighter, your teeth straighter or fill the unsightly spaces – we can offer options in all of these cases. Please book in for a consultation to see how we can help.


Cosmetic Services At Mackenzie Dental

Tooth Whitening

The simplest and least invasive way to clean up stained teeth and brighten up a tired smile. We use one of the most advanced systems which will remove stains and minimise the sensitivity often associated with tooth whitening


Polishing your teeth with the gentle airflow system is step beyond the scale and polish and is so thorough getting inbetween teeth and down to gum level to chase away the stains and leave your mouth feeling genuinely fantastic. This can be done in conjunction with your hygienist scaling visit or prior to tooth whitening for the best results

Composite bonding

Minimilly invasive (less drilling), this is a very popular technique, usually for the front upper and or lower visible teeth. We often whiten and or staighten the teeth first (brace, bleach then bond) then plan the new smile, bonding tooth coloured resin to the teeth to create the symmetry, shape and colour to make a stunning smile

Dental Implants

Unsightly spaces, failing teeth, loose dentures – dental implants can be used to fill the gaps, replace a full arch of teeth (to replace a denture) or simply to make dentures more stable. With a good consultation and thorough planning, usually involving CT scans, we can let you know about suitability and then offer the solution to the dental problem you may have

Tooth Straightening

Clear aligners such as Invisalign are a great way to solve the imperfections of crowded teeth quickly and discreetly, a great alternative to the classic train track option