Composite Bonding Kirkintilloch

Minimilly invasive (less drilling), this is a very popular technique, usually for the front upper and or lower visible teeth. We often whiten and or staighten the teeth first (brace, bleach then bond) then plan the new smile, bonding tooth coloured resin to the teeth to create the symmetry, shape and colour to make a stunning smile

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Your questions answered...

A: Composite bonding is a process of applying composite material to teeth which replicates the natural tooth in appearance. It is commonly used to repair or enhance natural teeth in both colour and shape.

A: Composite bonding does not involve a lot of invasive drilling so is not considered a painful treatment.

A: Composite bonding is a cosmetic treatment and not deemed clinically necessary under the NHS.

A: Composite bonding is a very quick and efficient form of treatment and can typically be completed in one visit.