Tooth Straightening Kirkintilloch

Clear aligners such as Invisalign are a great way to solve the imperfections of crowded teeth quickly and discreetly, a great alternative to the classic train track option

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A: A series of moulds are created of your teeth to naturally move your teeth over time into the desired, straight position.

A: The length of time taken for your teeth to straighten depends on each patients individual case. 

In less severe cases of tooth crowding, it can typically take 6 -9 months, but in more severe cases, this can be extended up to as long as 18 months.

A: Generally at the start of each stage you may feel slight discomfort as the device works to move your teeth into the desired position, but should clear up after a few days, a sure sign they are working as expected!

If the pain gets worse or does not go away after a few days, please call us to review immediately.

A: For the best possible results, we recommend you wear the retainers for atleast 20 hours per day.

They can be safely removed to allow you to eat, clean your teeth and the retainer itself.