Teeth Whitening Kirkintilloch

The simplest and least invasive way to clean up stained teeth and brighten up a tired smile. We use one of the most advanced systems which will remove stains and minimise the sensitivity often associated with tooth whitening

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Your questions answered...

A: Your dentist will aim to achieve the best and most natural level of white without looking fake. For setting expectations, we would aim to restore the whiteness of your teeth to a level similar to when you were in teenage years.

A: There is no pain involved with teeth whitening. When have your teeth whitened at Mackenzie Dental Practice, there are no needles or anything invasive involved in the process.

A: It’s exceptionally rare that patients experience any sensitivity after treatment. Roughly 1 in 100 people will felt slight sensitivity afterwards but this tends to last only a few hours.

A: No, the effect on the teeth is just same as a normal diet, and has been proven to have no negative impact on teeth either in the short or long term.