General Dentistry

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All of the dentists at Mackenzie Dental Practice provide NHS dentistry and this covers most of the treatment you need to keep you in good dental health. More and more patients are opting for further options which are available outwith the NHS and we are happy to provide this.

Our dental therapist works in tandem with the dentist – although can be seen directly – and will often be your port of call for routine restorative care and all your hygiene maintenace. Katrina also has experience in composite bonding, a conservative but fantastic way to improve the colour, shape and size of front teeth to create an amazing smile; please ask about this.

We understand that most patients have a degree of anxiety about dental treatment but that some patients are much more anxious or indeed phobic of the dentist. Our dentist Lorna has many years experience taking referals from many practices in Glasgow for sedation, and our nurses are trained to assist. Please ask if you feel you may benefit from this.

More advanced dentistry options such as tooth replacement with dental implants or orthodontic treatment with clear aligners such as Invisalign are also available at the practice – again please ask about this.

We will make every effort to arrange your checkups in advance, sending text reminders to avoid missed appointments. Please help our administrative team by providing your up-to-date contact details – mobile number and email address – at each visit